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Image Guidelines

CMYK - Image Guidelines

Supplying Artwork

Please follow this simple guide for supplying your artwork.

File Formats

Recommended file formats depend on the software you’re using to create your artwork (see below). They are PDF, EPS, TIFF or JPEG.

Colour Mode

Please always create or convert your print files to CMYK and not RGB.

Supplying Artwork

The industry standard with regards to resolution is 300 ppi (pixels per inch). When printed this will contain sufficient data to print at 300 dpi (dots per inch). This standard is aimed at print that you will hold in your hand and basically view at arm’s length. So for artwork up to A0 size we recommend your files are at 300 ppi for absolutely optimum picture quality.

However, if we are printing at large format, for example a large banner or exhibition stand, you can reduce the file size by saving it at 300-400 dpi at 25% of the final print size.

You will see this explained on many of the downloadable image templates for these products.

If you aren’t sure just call us on 01842 337 100 or email artwork@eventstuff.ltd for advice from our team.


Please ensure all artwork is supplied with a 6 mm bleed (3 mm on all edges). For example, an A4 image with bleed becomes 216 mm x 303 mm. The additional 6mm will be trimmed once printed and/or applied, depending on your chosen product.

It is vital that all background colours and elements of the design extend to the edge of this bleed.

While crop marks are not necessary, if you have experience of adding them please do so as this will aid us in aligning your design provided they are correctly placed on your artwork.

But don’t worry if you can’t, because as long as your artwork has the recommended bleed we’ll be able to set it correctly without them.

Design Software

Whatever software you choose to work with, artwork must always be exported in a print-ready format in CMYK colour mode, at the appropriate size and resolution, and with sufficient bleed around the edge.

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator

Please ensure you convert all text to outlines and embed all images. Set the page to the actual print size and extend bleed 3mm beyond this page area.

Ideally also expand all fills and strokes.

Output your file in EPS format.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop

Images must be in CMYK format.

Set at the highest resolution suitable for your printed size.

Your files must have flattened layers and saved as either JPEG, TIFF or EPS.

Adobe InDesign

Adobe InDesign

Please ensure you package all linked images and fonts (use “Package” function in “File” menu), and also include a PDF so we have a content proof to check that no elements are missing from the final artwork.

You can also convert fonts to outlines if you prefer.

We recommend converting to a Zip file prior to uploading or sending via email.

Microsoft Office Files

We are unable to print from Microsoft Office files (Word, Powerpoint, Publisher, Works, Excel), but there are a number of free websites online that will convert these documents into a PDF for you.

Other Software

There are several other free and licensed software options available.

If you are using one of these, please follow the general advice above with regards to resolution and CMYK colour mode, and output as PDF or EPS whenever possible.

Free Artwork Check

We undertake a free technical check (file size, format, resolution and fonts) of all artwork prior to print. If we find any problems we’ll let you know, so you can either rectify them yourselves or you can opt to use the services of our experienced design team.

Please always ensure that artwork you upload meets the required spec as outlined above, as we can’t be held responsible for any errors that occur with artwork that doesn’t meet our specification.

We’re always happy to help, so please either call us on 01842 337 100 or email artwork@eventstuff.ltd if you need advice.


To ensure a quick and speedy service we don’t offer printed proofs as standard.

This is available as an additional service if required.

We are always happy to email you a content proof if required, so please just let us know when ordering.

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